DESIGNLYNX is a product development firm specializing in creating meaningful products for a broad range of clients and consumers.  We work on projects large and small (and everything in between) and have experience in a variety of industries.  From Industrial Design to Design-For-Manufacture and Engineering - we believe in listening to our clients and consumers.


Girl scouts cookie oven

Creating an oven chamber that pre-heats quicker and performs better than the competition is no easy task.


An innovative Tea product requires meaningful, graceful, and applicable solutions for the market.


Who knew drinking a beverage could be this experiential.  Check out the FLIPSHOT dual chamber vessel.


To us, inconveniences are "opportunities".  We designed and engineered the SILO Golf Club Carrier for Rival and Revel.


From a complete cosmetic redesign to design for manufacture - we push to create engaging products.

Syrus gps unit

Part of our DNA is designing and engineering enclosures that withstand harsh environments.

Talented designers and engineers on a mission...


We turn the intangible into something real.  There are many different voices and perspectives in your team, and channeling them into a successful product is a real challenge.  This is where we excel.  Seeing your final product in the marketplace makes us proud.  Taking pride in our work is simply a part of who we are.

Meet our team.