Founded by those who care.


Originally a labor of love, DESIGNLYNX has grown because there are other people out there like us - people who care about their products.  We take your project to heart.

Rest assured that you are gaining a powerful and nimble ally in your quest for that next successful product in the marketplace.


The Team

Jeremy Fallis
Partner, ME

Partner, ID

Partner, ME & ID

Recently named one of Lehigh Valley’s Top 40 Under 40, Jeremy has years of experience in designing enclosures and products in many different industries. His work can be found on the shelves of Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and Amazon. His work has spanned from industrial to consumer. An ME by trade, Jeremy has proven to be most creative.

Pam has an extensive Creative and Technical background working on projects for Crayola, Church and Dwight, PDThink, THEM, amongst others. She runs many of our creative brainstorm sessions. Pam not only has experience in the product industry but also in packaging for retail, food, and beverage. Pam also teaches Design at Rutgers University.

Through his experiences at Formview, Pactec, Streamlight, and DLYNX, Brian has learned to blend creative with the functional aspects of development. With an Industrial Design background, he attacks projects with user experience in mind. This helps us make your products not only interesting and unique, but also useful to the consumer.

Dan brings years of enclosure engineering experience along with project management experience. Since earning his ME degree from Drexel - he has spent time as a PacTec Engineer, LaFrance PM, and now DLYNX Senior Engineer. He has led projects for Motorola, Belkin, Electronic Precepts, as well as many others.